Top 5 Best Digital Products to Sell in 2024

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Imagine the internet as a huge space, like a big room ready to be filled with all sorts of fun stuff – information, games, and more.

It’s like a giant field waiting for someone to come along and make their mark, a blank page ready for a story.

For smart people who make content and those looking to start their own online business, this is an amazing opportunity.

It’s your chance to dive in, get creative, and carve out your own special spot. This is more than just joining in; it’s about bringing your unique ideas to life, shaking things up, and claiming your piece of the action.

We’re excited to share our top digital products with you! These picks are popular, based on real data, and loved by users.

We looked at what people are using and loving to make sure you get the best. Whether for work, creativity, or managing tasks, we’ve got something for you. So let’s dive in.


E-books are a fantastic option because people nowadays are more likely to look at their phones and digital reading is on the rise, allowing for the instant gratification of downloading books whenever, wherever, without having to physically trek out to a library or a bookstore. E-books also eliminate delivery costs and prolonged shipping time. The costs for getting started are relatively low, and you need to put in only time, effort, and possibly cash for professional editing or graphic design. The revenue, on the other hand, can be bloated, as platforms like Vendblue is a great platform that enables creators and online entrepreneurs to host your ebooks.

Tips for Success: Focus on niches with avid readerships, and don’t skimp on marketing. Building an email list can be a game-changer for launching your next titles.

Online course

Market Demand: Exploding! The thirst for knowledge in a convenient, self-paced format has made online courses a go-to for learners worldwide.

Startup Costs: Moderate. You’ll need to invest in quality recording equipment and perhaps a platform to host your courses, but the returns can be substantial.

Potential Revenue: Sky’s the limit. With the right course, you could be looking at earnings from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per launch.

Tips for Success: Identify your unique selling proposition and ensure your content is engaging and offers practical, actionable insights. Community building around your courses can also enhance loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

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Software Tools:

Market Demand: Always growing. In our tech-driven world, there’s a constant need for tools that solve specific problems or make life easier.

Market Demand High. More people than ever are willing to purchase products they believe are beneficial to their health or well-being, leading to a surge in the sale of nutraceutical products like dietary supplements and probiotics. Pre- and post-workout products are also in particularly high demand.

Potential Revenue: Upon building a wide audience, you stand to make exceptionally high revenue from your resale products or your own nutritional products. Additionally, if you allow customers to subscribe to your website, you can build a steady stream of earnings. Priced right, a subscription model can change a small business into a valuable source of profit.

Tips for Success: Strength in numbers is the name of the game. Regarding both your product and overall customer satisfaction, explore your partnering companies. Choose companies that have great reviews for their products. If your competitors are locked in a pricing war, it’s a sign that this likely isn’t the industry for you – competition may not allow your business to be profitable. Ultimately, you have almost everything to win by branching out to create your own nutritional items, as the business model is much wider than you might expect.

Digital Art

Market Demand: The demand is there, as platforms like Etsy and the rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is proving. Digital art, more so than ever, is becoming a conduit for individual expression. 

Startup Costs: Your time and talent. The only real expenses involved are the platform (digital tablet) and the software (creative and design). 

Potential Revenue: The ceiling for digital art is as wide as your imagination. It can be as cheap as prints for a few dollars. It can be exclusive pieces or an NFT selling for a few thousand dollars. 

Tips for Success: From a marketing perspective, understand where your potential customers are researching. Become as active as you can in the platforms representing them. At the same time, consider the leveraging of social media. Options to invest in artistic product content will be incredibly cost-effective. You’ll want to make something as easy to reproduce as possible. Otherwise, once you recognize what you need, it comes down to compiling the images for your final product. A professional digital image is delightful in its believability.


Market Demand: Exceptionally high. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses and individuals alike are constantly on the lookout for templates that can simplify their operations, enhance their presentations, and streamline their content creation. This includes website templates, graphic design templates, presentation templates, and more. The appeal of these templates lies in their ability to offer a professional look and feel with minimal effort and time investment, making them a highly sought-after commodity across various industries.

Potential Revenue: High, with the right marketing strategy and a diverse portfolio of high-quality templates. Since templates can be sold multiple times without additional production costs, they offer a scalable revenue model. The key is to regularly update your offerings and stay responsive to market trends and customer feedback.

Tips for Success: Build a versatile collection that caters to a wide range of needs, from corporate to creative. Focus on quality and user experience, ensuring that your templates are not only visually appealing but also easy to customize. Establish a robust online presence through content marketing, SEO, and social media engagement to drive traffic to your platform. Offering excellent customer support and leveraging user feedback for continuous improvement can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Other list of great digital products are:

  1. Music and Audio Products
  2. Membership Sites and Subscriptions
  3. Stock Photos and Videos
  4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Content
  5. Newsletters
  6. Video Games and Interactive Experiences
  7. Social Media Content Packages
  8. Mobile Presets and Photography Filters
  9. Fonts and Typography Designs
  10. 3D Printing Models


Q: How do I know which digital product is right for me to sell?

A: Consider your skills, passions, and the market demand. A successful digital product often lies at the intersection of what you love to do and what others are willing to pay for.

Q: Can I sell multiple types of digital products?

A: Absolutely! Diversifying your digital product offerings can help you tap into different revenue streams and reduce risk.

Q: How important is marketing for selling digital products?

A: Crucial. Even the best products need visibility to succeed. Invest time in learning digital marketing strategies or consider partnering with experts to boost your reach.

Q: Where can I sell my digital product?

A: Vendblue is an eCommerce platform designed specifically to empower content creators by facilitating the sale of their digital products directly to their audience.

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