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  • Host 1 online course
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Free sub domain (
  • Unlimited Bundles
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads (eBooks, Tempales, Presets E.T.C)
  • 1 GB space
  • Instance Payout

Our Transaction Fees

Our transaction fee is  determined by your country . Please check the table below 



These fees comprises of  various services, including payment processing fees, hosting, support, and various other services essential for the operation of the VendBlue platform. Click here to check the fees associated with your country.

We’ve got you covered with multiple convenient payment options for your customers. Vendblue offers numerous methods of payment to ensure a seamless and hassle-free transaction experience:

  1. Debit/Credit Card: Your customers can easily make payments using their preferred debit or credit cards. With secure payment gateways integrated into Vendblue, your customers can confidently complete transactions with just a few clicks.

  2. Bank Transfer: We understand that some customers prefer the convenience of bank transfers. Vendblue supports bank transfers, allowing your customers to initiate payments directly from their bank accounts. It’s a reliable and straightforward option for those who prefer traditional banking channels.

  3. Mobile Money: You can Receive money from your customer  with ease through mobile money on our platform. Simple, secure transactions at your fingertips for seamless financial transactions.
  4. USSD Code: In addition to card and bank transfers, Vendblue also enables payments through USSD codes. This fast and user-friendly method allows customers to make payments directly from their mobile devices by simply dialing a specified code. It’s a convenient option for customers who prefer using their mobile phones for transactions.

and lots more like Apple Pay,  Google Pay and Kenyan Mpesa

 If you make a sale in a currency different from your local currency, we convert the funds to your local currency and add them to your VENDBLUE wallet. You can then easily withdraw the funds to your local bank account or mobile money whenever you prefer. For example, if a Nigerian merchant receives GBP, we convert it to NGN, add it to the merchant’s wallet, and they can then withdraw the funds directly to their Nigerian bank account or mobile money.

Once a successful transaction is completed. For naira,  your money will be swiftly deposited into your Vendblue wallet within 24 hours and for other currencies it will take 3-5 working days.  As soon as the funds reach your wallet, you have the flexibility to initiate a seamless transfer to your designated bank account or mobile money.

  • Nigeria: 1000 NGN
  • Ghana: 100 GHS
  • Kenya: 200 KES
  • Cameroon: 2000 XAF
  • South Africa: 15 ZAR
  • Uganda: 8000 UGX
  • Tanzania: 5000 TZS
  • Rwanda: 5000 RWF
  • Ethiopia: 500 ETB
  • Malawi: 4000 MWK

Yes, there are fees associated with transfer and payout.

  • Nigeria: 50 NGN
  • Ghana: 10 GHS
  • Kenya: 100 KES
  • Cameroon: 1500 XAF
  • South Africa: 10 ZAR
  • Uganda: 10000 UGX
  • Tanzania: 3000 TZS
  • Rwanda: 2000 RWF
  • Ethiopia: 300 ETB
  • Malawi: 2000 MWK

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