Vendblue helps you turn any product into something you can sell and make profits from.

Vendblue features
Vendblue features

Online courses

Monetize your knowledge by developing and selling online courses.

Digital downloads

Sell digital products like Ebooks, Template, Workbook, Presets, Photography, Audio, Digital art and so on


Offer exclusive memberships to your audience


Combine multiple digital products into a single valuable product.


PAYMENT happy vendblue

We’ve revolutionized the way payments are made for creators like you. With our platform, receiving the compensation you deserve is easier than ever.

You can simply:

PAYMENT happy vendblue

All-in-one platform that makes it easy to start, scale and manage your business as a creator

Custom Domain

The ability to use your own domain like

NOTE: is given on default.

Zapier integration

Integrate with 3rd party tools with your store through zapier

cross selling and upsell in vendblue

Upsell and Cross sell

Increasing order value and sales by showing other related product.

coupon vendblue

Coupon (coming soon)

Enhance sales of your  digital products by offering  irresistible promos and discounts.


Upload Numerous Products

Unlock unlimited product uploads to drive more sales and expand your business potential

Pay What You Want

Empowering your customers with the freedom to set their own price.

Priority Support

Our Appex customer service is always available 24/7

security vendbllue

Security and Safety

Enhancing security measures for peace of mind by Protecting your data and transactions.

and lots more…………………..

Boost Your Earnings as a Creator with Our Platform.