If they can download it, you can sell it with VENDBLUE

With vendblue,  you can monetize any sort of digital downloads like ebooks, templates, recipes, workbooks, and so on. Start selling now with just a few  clicks 

digital download

Sell unlimited products without worrying about space.

Large product list

With vendblue, you list unlimited product in your store without stress. The only limit is your imagination. Sell everything from eBooks to templates and never worry about listing space again.

Safe and Secured

Vendblue here to help you keep your files safe. With our advanced infrastructure, we ensure that your product is protected from loss and hackers.


Quick payout

Transfers will be processed and sent to your account in 24 hours or sooner.

Instant download

Your customers will be able to download the file instantly without wasting time.

International payment

You can receive payments from any currency to your account. Just sign up and start selling.

A perfect place to sell your digital download without stress

Custom Domain

The ability to use your own domain like yourdomain.com

NOTE: yourname.vendblue.store is given on default.

Zapier integration

Integrate with 3rd party tools with your store through zapier

cross selling and upsell in vendblue

Upsell and Cross sell

Increasing order value and sales by showing other related product.

coupon vendblue

Coupon (coming soon)

Enhance sales of your  digital products by offering  irresistible promos and discounts.


Upload Numerous Products

Unlock unlimited product uploads to drive more sales and expand your business potential

Pay What You Want

Empowering your customers with the freedom to set their own price.

Priority Support

Our Appex customer service is always available 24/7

security vendbllue

Security and Safety

Enhancing security measures for peace of mind by Protecting your data and transactions.

Common FAQ

Vendblue offers a completely free service to users, meaning there are no costs or charges involved in setting up an account. Our business model operates in such a way that we only generate revenue when you successfully make money through our platform. 

You have the flexibility to upload an unlimited number of digital products to your account; however, it is important to note that there is a maximum storage space of 1 gigabyte allocated to you

Boost Your Earnings as a Creator with Our Platform.