what is Vendblue Passcode?

Passcode is a unique and secure code sent to the buyer, which is used to view any purchased item in any store. We respect our sellers’ products, so we made our platform extra secure. Note that the passcode will be sent once and can be used in other stores you purchase from.  


how to find your passcode

The passcode is sent to you after your first purchase from Vendblue, following the receipt. Please search your inbox using the keyword ‘passcode’. If you can’t find it, email us at hello@vendblue.com with the subject line ‘passcode’ and we will gladly send it to you. Also, remember to keep  your passcode safe for future purposes.



How to insert the passcode to your purchased item

Once you have the code, go to the purchase section of the store where you made the purchase and insert the code. You will be able to view and download any product  bought.